Delivery information

All information about delivery to your home or hotel.

How long dous my order deliver take?
We make every order fresh from the start that you call, as we like to have happy customers.
We having a delivery time of 60 minutes. (depends on your order).

Untill what time can i  order?
We deliver untill 12:00 am, so when you like to to have a late night diner, please call before 11:00 pm.

I live a bit off road, is home delivery possible?
Yes delivery is possible, but we will ask you to come to the main road, as its not allways easy to reach the off road homes. (especially in rain-season).

I stay in a hotel, what you need to know?
Delivery to a hotel is no problem, just give us :  The name and address of the hotel, your first and last name and roomnumber.

I work as a volunteer for an NGO in the outskirts of Siem Reap, do you deliver in the countryside?
Yes, we deliver upto 15km from Siem Reap center and even near Bakong Temple.
As a thank you for helping Cambodia, we offering you a 10% discount on every order. (Some proof is needed such as a ID from the NGO)

How is my order packet?
We care about your food, thats why we pack everything seperatly as seen on the picture below.

cheese-burger-delivery-setsalad copy



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